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want Trump doing what Steele say?

want Trump doing what Steele say? published on No Comments on want Trump doing what Steele say?

A: Freeing the Members from their dependency on financial donations from the banks and complexes is a vital first step toward establishing a Congress that can make evidence-based decisions.

B: Mandating paper ballots counted publicly is the only way that Donald Trump can prevent the Democrats — and their Israeli information technology specialists — from stealing Congress back in 2018. Once the Democrats control Congress, Donald Trump will absolutely be impeached and neutralized.

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02 Create the Trump Channel and the Open Source Agency

Trump’s media team and Trump’s intelligence team appear conventional and are failing to seize the opportunities that are right before our eyes. Trump embarrassed himself at CIA — whoever is advising him has no idea — nor does Trump — of where all the pieces are in this secret intelligence community betrayal of the public trust, and Trump’s appearance at CIA was a net negative. He needs a Trump Channel (TV, Internet, print) that bypasses the fake media entirely, and he needs an Open Source Agency that meets 95% of his needs for decision-support, while allowing him to shut down the Deep State that relies on a grossly out of control secret intelligence community as its “base” for blackmailing members of Congress while runnings drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children with impunity, leveraging military aircraft and military bases on a “need to know” basis that conceals great crimes.

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The current plans for moving the media out of the White House are on the right track but half-assed. Trump’s media team is not thinking through what it really means to have a Trump Channel and to leverage local media….the taxpayer should never again pay for national media — the fake new media — to travel anywhere.

03 Clean House at the FBI and then Unleash the FBI

Donald Trump’s vetting process to date has been limited, in part because he is not open to the concept of crowd-sourcing. Were he open to crowd-sourcing, and engaging the public as he is considering finalists, he would not have hired Reince Priebus; he would not have allowed Priebus to get away with appointing Johnny DeStefano, a stand-in for John Boehner, as Director of presidential personnel. He would also have been acutely conscious of “The Family,” the secret society with one foot in the Christian camp and one foot in the criminal camp, that includes as senior members Dan Coats and Jeff Sessions.

Donald Trump needs an FBI that is both cleansed of its secret society “protectors,” and unleashed, able to go after Opus Dei, Mossad, pedophiles, and Wall Street traitors, and all others — I estimate 500 traitors surround Donald Trump today, and he has no means of going after them.

In the near-term, Donald Trump needs a special task force to clean up the US secret intelligence rogue elements conspiring with the Clinton mafia and the neo-conservative, with funding from the Saudis, to “prove” that Trump’s presidential campaign was funded by the Russians and this is why he did not really need money. These are false accusation — as were the claims that the Russians “hacked” the election, but unless Donald Trump slams all these people into a very small box right away, they are going to destroy his presidency with lies, litigation, and impeachment.
from article by Steele

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