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Spraying sky white

Spraying sky white published on 24 Comments on Spraying sky white

Planes spray artificial clouds perfected & poison since Vietnam

Report by     @lorettamarmor updated 12-26-15

 On March 15 2013, I began noticing and documenting that Los Angeles skies were suddenly and massively being saturated with the same weather modifying chemicals used by the military as part of strategic or tactical war. Every day and night our sky is covered with aerosolized lines dispersed from planes, shot with flares & with aerosolized plumes rising from ground generators using ammonia and aluminum (even coal plant fly ash waste), barium, strontium, silver iodide & electrostatic fibers.These line’s spread, clump, ripple or fall, manipulated by specific frequencies from any of the 20 HAARP antenna arrays around the world or from combined frequencies from cell towers, antennas that now transmit, from radar or from theER GWEN towers.  Natural clouds produce shade and coolness as they pass between the sun and earth.  These man-made clouds do not.  Firefighters know these are the same as CIA mind control & refuse to allow placement of cell towers or cell tower panels on their stations.  They know these extremely low electromagnetic frequencies cause headaches, slow thinking & blood circulation.  Cancer clusters are emerging where people & students rooms were right next to cell phone towers.  Close proximity of your brain or body to your cell phone, smart meters, microwave ovens, wireless routers, WiFi gear, cell towers, cell panels & any of the new transmitting antennas is harmful.  Antennas that transmit extremely low pulsed frequencies are flag pole shaped, dipole & yagi (look like old TV antennas).

I did not know that NBC Universal, Bain Capital and the Blackstone Group bought The Weather Channel, Weather Central, Weather Underground and renamed this “The”  Their mission statement is “we supply weather products and connect viewers with the worlds best 30 day weather forecast.  Filling the air with poison to block or move precipitous clouds or to control heating and cooling of a region, then forecast this is ruining earth’s own hydrological system.  The earth doesnt run out of water.  People render it undrinkable fracking, mining coal, leaking oil during transport in pipes, ships or eater bottling corporations drain underground resevoirs or weather modification activities block or move it.  It weoponizes weather & it is against UN agreements yet is carried out covertly under the guise of ” research.”.  Unable to avoid taking in these poisons being injected into the air, falling in the water & soil means tree roots,  gills & our lungs are slowly shutting down.

The fog off the coast hasn’t rolled in since June 28, 2013.  Meteorologists see but aren’t reporting the lines appearing behind planes and the towering plumes on their radar.  Meteorologist Scott Stevens reported how the weather was modified and was fired for it.  This widespread, long lasting, severe environmental modification is in violation of the U.N. Convention of 1978.

Weather-modification, according to the US Air Force document AF 2025 Final Report:  “offers… triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes, (using a Tesla oscillator.)  The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the production of artificial weather…”

With ability to create forests fires raging in 11 states fueled by trees whose roots have taken up the aluminum drenched soil and re-ignite themselves like trees did in the Newbury Park fire in April 2013, and the ability to use the jet stream to push storms together and make it rain and flood Colorado Sept 11, 2013 for 10 days, makes it possible to sell more advertising on weather stations.

After Japan’s 2011 earthquake and Fukushima disaster, videos surfaced of HAARP wave clouds hovering over just before the quake.  A Taiwanese satellite detected a 50% drop in the electromagnetic atmosphere just before the quake indicating scalar beam directed wave flux.  Benjamin Fulford reported that Japan’s former finance minister admitted handing control of Japan’s financial system to American Business Elites because they were threatened with an earthquake.  Niigata got hit 2 days after Benjamin Fulford exposed this.  Japan’s earthquake was followed by heavy atmospheric aerosol spraying by jets in the drier climates of the U.S.  Fukushima fall out better binds in drier climates because  particulates don’t have to squeeze out a water molecule first before they bind and they smack right into the shearing or turbulent jet nozzles flows.

It’s been known since 1967 that the chemicals in use today could be sent into clouds and speed up the rain process. They could also be sent into the air without clouds and could mimic cloud’s ability to carry and spill other particulate matter such as tracers, pathogens, and nano machines.  Despite tests showing immediate death to the smallest organisms, these businesses expanded, funded by governments as more research.  In just 4 months, Los Angeles’ fairly safe atmosphere has been replaced with a thermal and electromagnetic conducting one saturated with nano-sized toxic materials that are 1/100,000 thinner than paper.  We can not see it to steer clear of inhaling or ingesting these.

The Weather Modification Association, (WMA) business organization’s response to questioning safety and legitimacy by the National Research Council was to offer up numerical modeling in place of facts and to criticize, “we think that it is inappropropriate for a national academy panel, with very limited operational weather modification experience, to make such a judgement.”  Pg 3.

In 2009 the WMA’s position statement was that “cloud seeding activities release silver iodide to the atmosphere over specific areas of the western states of the U.S., Canada…  …all findings to date, indicate no adverse environmental and human health impact.”

In the WMA’s 2011 report “Geochemistry and Impacts” prepared by Cardno ENTRIX it is claimed, “another reason that silver iodide is so commonly used for cloud seeding is that it is practically insoluble in water.”  Pg. 4.  It doesn’t have to be soluble.  It is tiny enough to be invisibly taken in plants, fish, animals and people.

Silver iodide used in factories is regulated because it’s a documented toxin to fish, fowl and humans.  It interferes with uptake at fish gills and causes renal and pulmonary lesions, leading to shut down of breathing in humans.

I knew nano-machines existed that could be medically placed inside your body, and could direct processes or scrape plaque from your capillary or vein walls and transmit and receive.  I did not know I might be unable to avoid inhaling, ingesting or getting one lodged in my tear duct.

I did not know President Obama is directing a 1.8 billion dollar, 15 agency, forced rapid expansion of nano-technology with aerosolization of all urban atmospheric areas with nano-sized particulates, despite that numerous tests since 1987 on live fish, chicken, human skin and organs that caused breathing problems, lung disease, skeletal and vision anomalies, reproductive harm, brain damage and death.
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) was charged with identifying the hazards of nano-materials but their recommendations can not be enforced.  President Obama’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology wrote him that environment, health and safety issues continue to lack attention.

Bill Gates Foundation has invested in fixing climate change and harvesting solar radiation but earth has it own hydrological cycle that balances the energy of radiation.  In the last sixteen years, earth has been cooling, not heating up.  Weather Modification activities trap radiation from escaping and are destroying the ozone.  Further warming will let the UVC and UVB through.  It’s causing the Siberian and Artic ice to melt faster and this will give off methane.  Methane will warm the atmosphere much faster than any Co2 alone.

California State’s Air Quality’s website monitors show their filters are detecting nano-particulates as small as 0.07 microns.  Why have they not responded to my July 11, 2013 complaint #11730.  Of my elected officials I reported to, only Congressman Xavier Becerra replied directly that he fought to keep the environmental protections in place that this administration has attempted to remove.  Senator Diane Feinstein’s response by email was a 2000 study about contrails and how clouds form in lines.  My city councilman Herb Wesson received my report September 24, 2013 and I reported earlier to my county supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky.  They have not responded.

It would take a machine powerful enough to force air through a giant tube with waterfall-sized pressure, to filter nano particles out.  A mask with a layer of wet cloth and another soaked in peanut oil was able to filter out the taste of these metal particulates.

Very few adult birds are alive.  Their feathers are jagged and oily and their flight is troubled.  Birds of different species are together in small flocks.  All spring and summer, I saw 2 pigeons, a few soiled looking mockingbirds, a couple of crows and a small flock of 24 birds around downtown.  No butterflies, no squirrels, no worms.

The bark of dying trees in Mount Shasta, California contain aluminum.  The bark and leaves of eucalyptus trees in Marina Del Rey, California have been rapidly falling off the last 3 months.  Even though palms trees throughout Los Angles are receiving plenty of water, they are dying as if from drought. Nano-sized aluminum taken up through tree roots blocks the tree from taking up enough water.  When I flew to Orlando on May 22, 2013 and to Chicago on September 24, 2013 at 35,000 feet I photographed the same aerosolizing of the upper troposphere going on as is happening in Los Angeles. Aerosolized dispersals are spreading across all the states.

Iodine, boron, raw cilantro, ginger chorella, garlic broccoli and pectin in apples bind to and remove metals from our bodies.  Iodine eliminates fluoride, bromide, mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminum.  (Take a highly absorbable magnesium supplement and lecithin, found in egg yoke if using iodine.) Boron also kills fungus and mycotoxins.

The spinning of a fan interferes with ELFs and Cell phone waves and provides relief from sudden joint pain and ringing of ears felt from HAARP tones, so does chanting of the vowels a, e, i, o u.  Stand barefoot on the grass, sand or soil for 10 minutes to connect with earth’s direct current electrons.

Check if a local lab can test soil and water samples for nano-sized metals. Public can submit samples for nano testing to Scientist, Ms.Coralyn Hill, $40 per sample.  Air samples from Phoenix tested on September 1, 2013 revealed nano wires.

U of Missouri professor Mengshi Lin’s team has developed a method for detecting silver nano-particles still attached to rinsed pears’ skin and penetrating the pulp.  Previously, in 2010 Dutch Lab technicians had mixed Engineered Nano-scaled Materials (ENMs), in a food substance and could not find them using the electronic tunneling microscope commonly used to visualize ENMs.

Many U.S. states have laws governing weather modification activities.  Los Angeles can file an injunction to ban aerosolization of chemicals into the Los Angeles air.  Lawsuits have been filed in which the parties have contested ownership of the clouds and the precipitation therein.

Educate others.  Ask local newspapers and stations to cover these issues, especially the weather reports in the news and other talk shows.  Test use of Neodymium magnet 2000 gos, (as in oil filters to separate any iron fillings or other metal chips from the oil,) to remove aluminum particulates from plants and soil, clothes and food.

Smart meters create additional EMF exposure for residents.  The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies transmissions from Smart Meters as a Class 2B.  They can not be turned off. There are safer, less costly ways to get people to reduce energy usage than to allow a monopoly to force installation of an interactive, transmitting device.  The old meters for measuring electric and magnetic field output are not even calibrated to detect these extremely low frequencies, (ELFs), being emitted.  More than 45 local governments in California have taken action to ban smart meters, including Burbank.

Former Apple executive Jeffrey Armstrong did documentary testing effects of smart meter radiation on humans.  In 2 male subjects you can see instruments detecting how after 2 minutes exposure at 3 feet away, micro plasma begins mutating.  After a female subject’s head began aching, her red blood cells were shown to be pooling.

Dr. Dan Harper says electric radio/alarm clocks to wireless cable/Internet box or wifi game consoles, can transmit through walls and some do even when not in use.  He suggests unplugging them when not in use, using a beeper as it is only a receiver and not using blue tooth as it transmits triple radiation exposure to anything above .5 to 1 microtesla starts interrupting cell membrane function

Los Angeles City Hall alone is exposed to 40 cell phone towers & 852 transmitting in the microwave range frequencies for cell phone transmission.

These extremely low frequencies (ELFs) transmissions are utilized to agitate the movement of the fake cloud shaped clumps into spread out opaque layers of white.  Currently a federal law does not permit municipal regulation of wireless communication facilities on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions.  47 U.S.C.  332(c)(7)(B)(iv).  Remember cell phone technology was rolled out without knowing the long term health affects.  Studies indicating immediate disruption on the cellular level in humans when exposed up close as in holding a cell phone, were suppressed. This law protects corporate interest over human and environmental health. The 14th amendment of the constitution has a provision for state(s) to rest away the overstepping powers of our federal government.

Public law of the United States, 50 USC 1512 allows open air testing of chemicals and biologicals and allows presidential override of notices and of public health considerations for national security reasons.  There is no reason to be testing and this constant ongoing destruction of our atmosphere is not a test.  This law is another overstepping of federal authority and is not rational.

A constitutional procedure calling for a convention of the states is available in the 14th amendment, article 5, in the event, leaders begin making decisions beyond their authority that are detrimental to citizens.  People need to inform one another to create enough widespread support so our states representatives do convene.  See the brief outline how convening on the particular subject to “reduce the power of Washington, D.C.” will be able to make prohibitions against improper federal regulation and stop unfunded mandates.

On May 13, 2013, President Barack Obama – apparently having forgotten about his 2008 presidential campaign promise “to close the revolving door that brings major industry players into positions in government that regulate those industries” – nominated Tom Wheeler to head the FCC.

This is the same man who, in 1993, hired Dr. Carlo to conduct research to investigate the safety of cell phones— and then, in 1999, lied to the American people about the results of Dr. Carlo’s research.
Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in a Wireless Age (Avalon, 2001)
George Carlo on Wi-Fi in Schools –

Jan 28, 1993  When David Reynard appeared on the Larry King Live show with his late-wife’s doctor – that the general public would learn about the potential danger they could be exposing themselves to, simply by putting their cell phone next to their head.  To keep the public buying and the regulators at bay, Tom Wheeler – president and chief lobbyist for the wireless industry’s powerful trade association CTIA – made an offer to the FDA.  The industry would agree to fund and conduct a large, post market study on the safety of cell phones, if the FDA would agree not to regulate cell phones until this research was complete.  Not having done its job back in 1984 before allowing cell phones to be marketed, the FDA potentially had as big a problem as the industry.  Putting its own self interest before that of the public, the FDA accepted Wheeler’s offer.

In 1996 – the FCC began auctioning off radio frequency bands in the microwave portion of the RF spectrum. The FCC agreed to finance a major part of the costs in exchange for a portion of the revenues from cell phones – and later Wi-Fi, which in 2000, would begin to be rolled-out on a massive scale.  This extremely profitable arrangement, which cost the government nothing, secured the infrastructure for wireless technology, rather than fiber optic – which is almost 900,000X faster than wireless and has no health risks.

On December 21, 1998, Dr. George Carlo had his first alarming finding:  2.4GHz microwave radiation (used with cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other devices) appeared to cause micro nuclei in human blood samples.  This was particularly alarming in view of the strong correlation between micro nuclei and cancer. After the Chernobyl accident in 1986, the presence of micro nuclei in the blood was used to identify children at high risk for developing cancer.  Not long after the startling results came in, Dr. Carlo’s house burned down.  The authorities concluded that it was arson, but were never able to solve who did it.  Jan 1999 – The following month, the micro nuclei results were reproduced, providing conclusive evidence that radiation from a cell phone’s antenna causes cancer. The results also explained the studies in the scientific literature reporting leakage in the blood-brain barrier, discovered in 1975 by Dr. Allan Frey.  At the February 9, 1999, wireless trade show, Carlo reported his findings, and urged the industry to take appropriate steps to protect the public.  Although a voice vote was taken pledging to do the right thing, the vote was never recorded.  Oct 1999 – When it became apparent that neither the industry, nor the FDA, had any intention of informing the public about the research findings, Carlo agreed to be interviewed.

12 Things you should know about scalar weapons – Angelfire

Weather Modification weapon or rain?

See Satellite views of last 6, 12 & 24 hour loops of water vapor over LA


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