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They knew Hurricane Harvey path 10 days ahead

They knew Hurricane Harvey path 10 days ahead published on 1 Comment on They knew Hurricane Harvey path 10 days ahead

“Sharing credible and verifiable data is absolutely crucial in the fight to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering assault. When incorrect or false data is propagated, the critical cause of exposing and halting climate engineering is harmed. Investigate, become familiar with the most inarguable building block facts, and make your voice heard.”
_____Dane Wigington of

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US Bankrupt Now what

US Bankrupt Now what published on No Comments on US Bankrupt Now what

Ben Fulford on bankrupt US
Excerpt from his blog 7-31-17

By now it is obvious to anyone who is actually using their brain that something is profoundly wrong with the leadership and government systems in the West. This is especially true of the United States where real living standards have been declining since the late 1960’s while the country has been almost perpetually at war. In the US, the ruling class has alienated the population to the point that less than 10% of the population trust either Congress or the Media. The central cause of the malaise has been a project by a sub-group in the ruling class, the people I call the Khazarian mafia, to enslave humanity and turn themselves into god like rulers.

The US military and agency white hats have figured this out and have taken action that is being seen in the form of the Presidency of Donald Trump. However, Trump has taken over as CEO of a bankrupt entity and, even though he is trying his hardest, he has yet to do what is inevitable and formally declare the United States bankrupt. And bankrupt it is.

The US has run a trade deficit with the rest of the world since 1976 resulting in a cumulative trade deficit of over $10 trillion. In addition to that the US…

Mind grid setup thru electric & cellular

Mind grid setup thru electric & cellular published on No Comments on Mind grid setup thru electric & cellular

Patrick Flannigan on Rense & excerpt from email 7-15-17

It is undeniable that a mental-emotional control grid is being set up all around us, using the power grid and electronic devices to transmit and subliminally influence.

It has inherent capacity to be exploited in horribly manipulative ways.

Replacing your memories, takes away your experiences & how you feel all the emotions involved in them (including grief and sadness), and learn from your mistakes.

It’s akin to erasing your identity; like the chemical numbing of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs.

It is hard to understate the extreme danger this technology poses to our freedom.




Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons ⇝ Dr. Patrick Flanagan

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