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tell each other what we’re not being told

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What can we do to stop Raytheon’s drone planes spraying us?  They have taken over control of the national weather service.  Remove them.  Point to the lines when they’re spraying.  Put posters inside your rear seat windows.  Copy this flyer & put them on windshields. When every one is aware, we can stop this.  See SHADE the motion picture now free on YouTube.  Earth hydrology balances itself & direct sunlight is the only way plants make food.   Spraying is reducing our air.

85 year Daniel Ellsberg (leaked pentagon papers), & lawyers defending whistle blowers held a public meeting in Santa Monica March 22, 2015.  He said 6 people own & censor network news, so we need  to TELL EACH OTHER WHAT WE ARE NOT BEING TOLD.

Corruption can be safely reported at Learn how article 5 in our constitution provides    us a way to take back power from a government overstepping its authority, at There is a petition to sign to stop this spraying at

Words & thoughts  are frequencies too.  Ours & the planets harmonious frequencies are 6-8 hertz. Everything is aggitated when the cell towers & transmiting dipole, flagpole & yagi tv shaped antennas are pulsing their extremely low frequencies around us. Damage is cumulative & quicker on children.  We are exposed from all sources including cell phones.  Symptoms range from muscle spasms to heart attacks.  Fungus grows 7x faster.  Towers should be miles from residential areas but are going up every few blocks. Firefighters won’t be any where near them as they know the frequencies alter us on a cellular level, cause joint & headaches, impair hearing, blood flow & concentration. Chant a song or just the vowels.  Go barefoot to ground yourself.  Shielding paint, screen & fabric help. LA City elder Dick Gregory says think 2-3 minutes 12 n daily for truth to come out-grows power of thought.

A Class Action Lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles on April 20, 2015 against is Monsanto for lie printed on every bag of Roundup that “Glyphosate is an enzyme found in plants but not people or pets.”. They’re in ours’ & pets’ stomachs & intestines.  It interferes with mineral uptake & by spraying excessive amounts of it on food crops way before normal harvest, it partially starves them, prematurely mimicking the ripening process.  It is essentially an antibiotic which is why it kills weeds but after repetitive use the weeds become resistant.  It is not rinsing off.  It’s sprayed as liquid & it’s absorbed through leaves, stems & roots & it transfers inside us when we eat.  It’s detected in our blood, urine, breast tissue & in most rainwater.  If you used it on your lawn or play golf or play on fields that used Roundup, join at

All synthetic ingredients that enter our bodies harm us because our receptor cells cannot recognize foreign proteins.  They overwork our digestion.  Some mimic & attach to receptors then disrupt these hormones they mimic.  Some can’t be eliminated & accumulate into tumors or into our pituatary gland which blocks our ability to transcend time & place constraints.  When we breathe in nano aluminum, besides being unnaturally microscopically able to pierce through our lungs to enter & poison our blood, it gets inhaled directly up our nose & accumulates in our frontal lobe.  This interferes with what & how you can remember so you don’t feel like doing anything when you can’t remember what you care about.

The advisability of using a technology is a social choice. Corporations should not be deciding.  There are megalith residential complexes going up every 4 blocks where ever they can while it’s obvious there is no way our streets can handle all the traffic. Builders got away with putting up single family homes all in one place in the 60’s causing congestion when everyone gets in their cars to go to work or fetch groceries since few businesses are in walking distance.  If enough of us don’t tell city counsel we don’t approve it will continue. They allow corporate builders to avoid traffic density regulations & rescinded the builder’s requirement to provide enough resident & guest parking because of financial rewards only benefiting themselves.  Right now DMV is issuing more auto registrations to people in areas where there are not enough possible places to park all the resident’s & their guests cars.  City Counsel handed ownership of all curbsides to the private company called “Parking Violations Bureau.”.  We need to inform City Council that our taxes be used to build parking areas where needed, to build underground, raise & build underneath & put present structure on top or create car stackers.  This private company fools frustrated residents into agreeing to allow them to post restricted zoning signs so only they can park on their block but have to pay them for permits to display in their cars & to buy extra permits for their guests to park.  They are continuing to erect meters on residential streets, often with time restrictions too short for conducting business. This private company sets their employees’ handheld ticketing devices 10 minutes ahead of Pacific Standard Time so use your credit or debit card so you have bank time stamp to prove ticket is invalid.  They post jobs seeking someone who can “create parking violations.”.  I don’t want these uniformed parking police in all these cars terrorizing us & making us pay for a service that is needed in order to live & work here which already involves paying property & sales taxes.  City Council gets income from this horrible system.  These parking police should be running teen programs or helping or keeping senior citizens company.  This also clogs & costs us thru the justice system after extreme interest charges are added to bills past due 21 days.  That is breaking the fairness in credit & lending laws, not giving 30 days.

Corporations have been taking over, anonymously funding politicians re-elections & measures with misleading names.  We can make sure people know who is really paying for political ads.  Go to & support passing the California Disclose Act to legally require the top 3 funders of ballot ads to be shown clearly on the ads themselves.  I dont think there should be any commercial advertisements allowed in electing our leaders & deciding issues.  I want real discussions & the documentations available to review.  I think voting openly so we can count & verify the votes of our associates, family & neighbors would make voting accurate & actually be by majority rules.  Presently there is no control or way to verify accuracy.  We have the technology to directly represent our choices via teleconferencing.  Letting leaders be away & off constantly influenced by meddling corporate lobbyists is ridiculous.   They spend a great deal of time indoors in chambers & offices & are then out of touch with what is happening in our neighborhoods.  Then in order to keep their job, they look to massive funding that comes from corporate interests.  They shouldn’t be in this compromised position. Until we stop allowing the picking of leaders this way, we will never have good cost effective, fair and just government.  In every other activity, school, office or social group, leaders start at the bottom and learn from the elders with more experience. Why does leadership become an advertising competition?

I can be contacted at or by text or calling 562-618-2752.


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